The phrase that the Kitchen Table Charities Trust use under their name on the website is “changing lives by thinking small” …

this inspires me every day … and it also bought to mind a song by Bruce Springsteen, who also inspires me most days; “From small things mama, big things one day come”

so I think this blog wouldn’t be complete with a down and dirty, grubby recording of it that I have found on YouTube  … so here for your delectation is Springsteen performing ‘Small Things’

So – go and make a small donation – from that huge things can come – lives can be changed … read some of the examples from the KTCT website; as little as £4 can change a life.


Interesting findings on Third Sector website on public perception of small v large charities

this reflects the KTCT philosophy of  ‘changing lives by thinking small’

and supports my plea / demand (!!) for donations

so much more accountable – all the money goes to the projects and people it is intended for.

To read more about Madagascar and the difference that small grants can make to both individuals and communities click here to read the Africa Research Institute Report “Think Small: The example of small grants, in Madagascar” by Brian Donaldson