that is now a statistical fact …

I had 3 hours sleep … fascinated by all the too’ing and fro’ing in the UK election – some good wins – Julian Huppert in Cambridge and some sad losses, Jim Knight in Dorset in particular … good that no BNP victories and truly marvellous to have Caroline Lucas as the first Green MP in Parliament. It’s going to be interesting to see how Markets and the rest of the world respond to all this. I think the media have come out so badly in the UK – whipping up the concept of Cleggmania, the insane furore around ‘bigotgate’ and the Tory ‘tits’ farce in the Sun and on and on …

Anyway we are where we are and the next few days will bring coallition from one side or another – we can only hope that it makes for a more considered Parliament. It works elsewhere – so maybe a good time with Europe and UK in such dire financial straits to have forced discussion. How will the ‘country’ respond? That remains to be seen – the media and the party leaders need to show some strength at this point.

Sleep on it seems a cunning plan in the short term.

Anyway – another election took place – in Mauritius – over 70% turn out there and the Prime Minister was relected

Mauritius is regarded as one of Africa’s few social and economic success stories.