Absurdly long day today starting with the total nightmare of hugely swollen knee joints – big ouch and very miserable…

limped down the stairs in the manner of a wounded bod and went to physio. The lovely Nick looked at me and said humph, we chatted (he also had big trip disrupted by the ash cloud) and he fiddled with my knees and then I went over to the Rheumatology clinic where a very nice nurse (under instruction from the even nicer Consultant) stuck a needle full of steroids into me … my Olympic dream ruined!!!! Steroids and an anti inflamatory called narproxin – both apparently rot your stomach in due course and one of them weakens your bones (not good in my case!!) – but if they get me through the next month I’m well chuffed.

However, I was assured later my own GP that it was a ‘vetinary’ dose and would render me cheerful for weeks and help allergic reactions to everything and help the knee issue in as far as anything could.

So – day finally started in ernest at nearly 3pm – frenetic fingers skimming over worn out keys, work done around 9pm and time to have a quick dinner with my brother – over from Hong Kong for one night only – checked in, printed off tickets, photocopied passports etc etc etc and now thougth I’d bid you good night this last night before the adventure begins.

I have a schedule which includes inaugurations of water treatment plants, opening of blocks in primary schools, assessing possible new projects and hopefully seeing a few leemurs – it is pretty relentless but very exciting. A challenge with sore knees but hey life’s too short not to embark on adventure.

One of the highlights of the day was being given my own #hastag on Twitter for the trip – thank you @willperrin for coming up with #MadasEllie … so if you want to follow the adventure on Twitter use that as a search term.

Busy morning tomorrow – hunting for suitcase, clothes, ribbon cutting type dress, spider proof outfits and of course nipping out to have legs waxed – a girl must look her best before a former Ambassador!!

Please click on http://www.justgiving.com/elliestoneley – it’s all in a hugely important casue as I hope to show over ocming weeks with this blog.

Night then … oh and thank you for all the phone calls and other messages of support on Twitter and Facebook and elsewhere hugely appreciated – now give some of your money!!