Thank you – a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored me on the trip to Madagascar a few years back … I sit here now the mother of my own little person (Hope now 13 months old) and it makes me realise how important these donations were and how very much we take for granted here in the UK… Hope will go to a primary school and will have books and shoes unlike so many of the children in Madagascar. I’d also like to thank St George’s Church in Chesterton for their support with fund raising and Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band member, Jake Clemons, for his love and his wonderful acoustic concert in Cambridge in aid of our fundraising effort.

I received the following email from Brian Donaldson the head of the Madagascar Development Fund (who were supported by Kitchen Table Charities Trust)

“Dear Ellie
After you and Roy visited Madagascar in 2010 you very kindly raised £2,000 towards the cost of one of the Madagascar Development Fund’s primary school projects… the donations made by you, St George’s Church and Mr and Mrs Thorpe (also made after visiting Madagascar) were used – on a project to build new classrooms at Tsaratanana Primary School in central Madagascar which was damaged by a cyclone.

I am pleased to tell you that thanks to your support the work has now been completed, and the new school building is in full use after its inauguration in January. I attach to my next e-mails photographs taken at the inauguration – which I hope will be of interest to you.

On behalf of the children of Tsaratanana… and my colleagues here at the Madagascar Development Fund I send you our sincere and heartfelt thanks for the significant contribution your donation has made both to increasing the school’s capacity – by creating additional places for children unable to receive an education, and greatly improving conditions at the school.”

Brian attached the following pictures to his email from the inauguration in December … they made me cry, not with pride but with humility … it really doesn’t take alot to change lives and so much that we take totally and utterly for granted or that we waste on absolute rubbish could do a great deal to transform other communities.

You can donate direct to MDF

or to the Kitchen Table Charities Trust who support projects like this throughout Africa and South America

Tsaratanana Primary School in Madagascar

Tsaratanana Primary School in Madagascar

Inside the classroom at the inauguration of Tsaratanana Primary School.

Inside the classroom during the inauguration of Tsaratanana Primary School.












If you are interested in following what else I’ve been up to since the trip to Madagascar you can visit my site Mush Brained Ramblings.

Thank you again to those that sponsored me and gave me the courage to go on the adventure that has ultimately changed not just my life but hundreds of lives in Tsratanana.






I haven’t updated this blog for a little while as I’ve been all busy being distracted by being pregnant … all very exciting and also tiring and nerve wracking as well …

Had IVF in May, it worked … first time which was a miracle … and despite a very difficult time things seem to be creeping forward and all being well the baby is due at the end of January.

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I will be back here from time to time to update with news … all is going well in Madagascar with MDF … some wonderful projects supported and Brian and Nicole work toward their aim of getting the much needed additional 300 primary schools.

Most importantly you can donate online to the Kitchen Table Charities Trust directly via this link

Very much looking forward to watching Attenborough narrating the wonderful new series of programmes on Madagascar starting on 9th February.

“Madagascar explores the extraordinary wildlife and dramatic landscapes of this bizarre and fascinating island. Using the latest in filming technology, the series tells the story of Madagascar’s diverse and rare wildlife – some filmed for the first time.”

Broadcast Dates
• Episode 1: “Island of Marvels”, 8.00 –9.00pm, BBC Two, Wed 9 Feb
• Episode 2: “Lost Worlds” 8.00 –9.00pm, BBC Two, Wed 16 Feb
• Episode 3: “Land of Heat and Dust” 8.00 –9.00pm, BBC Two, Wed 23 Feb

For more information about the programme have a look here on the Bradt site

and don’t forget that this beautiful island needs support … and I’m still fundraising for Kitchen Table Charities Trust