I’m Ellie.

I live in Cambridge and work with many different organisations primarily using social media (Twitter, Facebook and so on), the Internet and positive communication to try to help improve lives, the local environment and enable people to better understand one another.

I believe in the underdog, in grassroots, in bottom up and have in my working life supported small business, social enterprise, local communities, local people, local projects and believe that you don’t need to be a multi national to get things done.

I live with my husband Roy in an untidy house in the north of the city, I work from home, from my mother’s house or from client offices, St Chads Place in Kings Cross and the coffee shop at the British Library.

I have a rather tempramental immune system that has seen me in and out of hospital a few time over the last few years but currently seems to be behaving itself.

My father died a year or so back – he was an incredible man; an academic, an explorer, a gentleman – I miss him every day. He and my remarkable wonderful mother bought my brother and I up to believe in people, to travel and to have an unending curiosity about the world.

I have been lucky enough to have lived in Equador, Australia, California, China, South West France and travelled all over the place including to Iran and Uganda – all of this has reinforced my believe that as Bruce Springsteen (he had to come into the equation somewhere) sings, “from small things, mama, big things come”.

This blog is the ongoing story of how:

a small thing – a trip to the Arts Theatre in Cambridge to hear John Humphrys (probably the most articulate broadcaster in the world) talk, has led to
a very big thing – me working on a voluntary basis on the social media for the charity he founded, Kitchen Table Charities Trust (KTCT) and heading out to Madagascar to find out more about the incredible projects that they and the Madagascar Development Fund are supporting out there with small grants that change people’s lives.