Busy week this week and just this morning I opened a large parcel from John Humphrys containing several signed copies of his books to auction to raise dosh for KTCT at St George’s Church.

The week has been quite an emotional roller coaster, Tuesday night saw the PESGB having the first in a series of Annual Stoneley Memorial Lectures – the inaugural lecture was delivered by Julian Rush from Channel 4 news – all about climate change and geology and the exploitation of the earth … lots of Daddy’s friends all very moving and hugely emotional to see a vast photo of him blown up the size of a cinema screen as we, the family, sat slightly awkwardly in the front row looking up.

However, that got me thinking about Madagascar and the impact of the strip farming and the deforestation on the land there – the short term need for income and food weighed against the longer term sustainability of farming and livelihood. The problems there could so easily be avoided by education, improved infrastructure and a better political situation for so many who eak out a day by day hand to mouth existence… in the meantime the massive benefit of even the smallest of small grants is huge. How can it be that so many people surrounded by lush productive land can be without food and without access to running water …

In the middle of the week I met with a wonderful lady called Pam Davies, the head of fundraising for Cambridge University, and she has invited me to work with her for a part of a lecture course next year, to use MDF and KTCT as case studies so that brilliant young minds can consider the challenges of volunteer led tiny charities and conjure some cunning plans … I am tremendously excited about this opportunity. Not least as it draws yet more attention to the needs of countries like Madagascar where the simple thirst for learning is so often unquenched. I believe that the well educated minds of the Cambridge students will be able to do much to enable education for those in Africa not yet able to access it.

Right then – in the meantime I need to set to planning the fundraising evening for KTCT and MDF at St George’s church … telling stories, showing film and auctioning books – oh and hopefully selling a few Mafana bags.

Thanks also to Tanita, Jean, Howard and Ron for your donations on http://www.justgiving.com/elliestoneley … and to those who haven’t yet donated – all money goes straight to KTCT I’m heading towards £2,000 which means a new school WITH a tap .. just think what can be done with £5,000. Please do think about sticking your paw in your pocket and donating. THANKYOU.