Sitting here feeling all flustered as to whether my flight will or not be able to leave Heathrow tarmac tomorrow night I thought I’d explore some Malagasy bloggers and Twitterers

My friend and general know all Will Perrin @willperrin suggested I follow @maneno – turns out to be a great cross African blog platform

from there I have found

which is both fascinating and alarming – so much of huge import going on there and so little of it reaching the mainstream Western media – great however to see citizen journalism in abundance and also to hear that there have been two Bar Camps in the last 2 years despite the political repression of free speech and citizen journalism

Lots to read and many more people to follow on Twitter who I shall list here over the coming weeks @foko @lrakoto@harinjaka @tomavana @jentilisa@pakysse @solofo @koloina@layshiyuut @Moonlightgirl@news2dago @zouboon and @maneno who recommended them for starters

and hey if the flight is postponed then it just means more time for fundraising and it will be even more valuable a trip in the longer term – I’ve got til mid June to head over